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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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weather out to the west. temperatures low 70s right now. but still a little gusty winds gusting right now in philadelphia 25 miles per hour. we have sustained winds anywhere from about 10 to 20 miles per hour area wide generally out of the south and those southerly winds have really warm the temperatures up this afternoon. it's 72 right now wilmington. 72 in dover. 70 in pottstown. low 60s in the pocono mountains. most of us are going to stay dry so no problems as far as the rainfall stepping out this evening. temperatures staying pretty mild as well. a spotty overnight shower but better chances for showers even a couple of thunderstorms as we move toward your friday. then roller coaster temperatures even the threat of a few flurries iain and lucy in that seven day forecast of the we'll break it all down for you coming up with that seven day forecast. >> talk to you then scott. developing story tonight out of delaware county. police officers uncovered a horrific scene inside a apartment.
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a woman dead in her bathtub with a message on her wall. now the search is on for her killer. let's get straight to fox 29's dawn timmeney live at upper darby police headquarters. dawn? >> reporter: well, lucy, police say the victim knew her killer. there was no sign of forced entry. he may even have had a key and investigators say based on the evidence inside the apartment, this crime was filled with hate for the victim. >> this was very very violent scene. it was a senseless killing. >> reporter: upper dash plea police describing the horrific nature of a murder here in building g as the new orleans park apartments on south avenue. 36-year-old marquis ya benson found dead in the bathtub. naked, the shower still running. police believe she was strangled and say she put up a struggle. >> the apartment itself is in total disarray. blood on the walls. feces on the floor. some writing on the walls. >> reporter: police superintendent michael chitwood
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says the writing included a venomous message from the killer but would not elaborate. only say he was very angry. >> it was done with a hatred, with a vengeance, and with just, just predatory sadistic violen violence. >> reporter: benson's co-worker an friend found her body around 4:45 yesterday afternoon after she failed to show for work. police believe she was kill in the morning between 9:00 and 10:00. >> i actually have spoken spoke with her a few times and she was very nice lady. >> reporter: stacey brooks lives right next door season rattled by the murder. >> it's scary, 'cause because i'm right here and they still haven't found the person. this place is very nice. but you know what, people are scared now. brutal murder. i just -- i'm hoping to god that nothing else happens. i have grandchildren. >> reporter: now police are awaiting autopsy results hoping
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that they will provide some clues that lead them to benson's killer. they're also asking for the public's help. if anyone knows anything, they are asked to please call upper township police. lucy. >> thank you very much, dawn. if you used an atm in radnor township, delaware county you might want to double check your account. police say these two men take look at them here placed a skimming device on the atm at the bank of america on the 200 block of east lancaster avenue. now the manager discovered the skimmer tuesday and told authorities. yesterday the fbi got involved with the investigation and says that the same crew that hit banks in four states now these two men are charged with unlawful device making equipment and computer trespass. police in mercer county, new jersey, caught a man who invade add into-year-old woman's home, tied her up and then assaulted her while robbing the place. 31-year-old joseph branch now facing long list of charges tonight. ewing police say he work with another man who still on the run to commit the crimes on tuesday night. that woman is recovering from
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injuries. atlantic city employees have voted on plan that would change their pay schedule but only temporarily. the proposal is meant to help the city avoid a shut down. it means employees would get paid next wednesday but after that, they wouldn't see another check until may sixth. 28 days later. they usually get paid of two weeks. atlantic city mayor don guardian says the unio unions and city councilville to agree on the schedule. >> tonight, former villanova professor is big trouble. he taught history at the school. he has more than 400 of child porn on university computer. there are questions about why this case wasn't crack self years ago. let's get out to bruce gordon. >> this child porn possession case may have resulted in an arrest just this week, but the case actually dates back to 2012, even then it appears there was ample evidence that a villanova faculty member was possessing child porn. so why then was 60-year-old
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christopher whose allowed to remain free and remain on camp campus. >> can you tell us why the images were there. >> villanova history professor christopher haas had nothing to say has he was led away in shackles from his first court appearance. the charges against him possession of child porn have stunned nova nation on the eve of the school's appearance on college basketball's biggest stage. >> especially now with like the final four everyone feels so much school spirit. so unfortunate it taxiway way from that. >> reporter: villanova public safety officials say routine monitoring of the internet use showed him -- school officials reported the issue to radnor police and he was arrested monday. >> it's very serious. it's sad. it's disappointing somebody in the educational environment would behave this way. >> reporter: here's the thing radnor police say back in 2012 they helped facilitate federal homeland security officials search of his home in wayne.
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it turns out 415 kiddie important upon images were found on the professor's computer there. but the feds never notified villanova or radnor pd. and he remained on campus for four more years till radnor cops made the connection between the new case and the old. obviously as the director of public safe tear the institution, i want to know about anything that could jeopardize student safety. at the same time i recognize that the university is a private enterprise and that there's limited -- limits to what law enforcement can share. >> reporter: he's been fired from his faculty position and barred from campus. he remains behind bars awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. his attorney says he'll plead not guilty to the charges against him. >> but -- >> it's a very very sad situation for everybody. for the professor, for the university, for his family. >> reporter: we've been unable to get any kind of a comment from homeland security officials as to why they apparently did not share information from that 2012 home search with villanova
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university officials or radnor police. it is worth noting that police say as far as they know right now, there's no evidence that he did anything other than possess and view that material. they do not believe he disseminated those child porn images. lucy. >> thank you, bruce. happening right now, airport workers across the country have been hitting the pick lines that includes at philadelphia international airport this morning. subcontracting workers say prime flight and mcginn security are not meeting minimum wage requirements. and they're calling for a change. they also want the companies to beside by the city's sick day laws. now, similar strikes are happening today at other major u.s. airports. the strike has not affected any flights at phl. march madness is on fire right now. villanova and nova nation is amped up as the wildcats get ready for a big game on saturday against oklahoma and their head coach jay wright getting a little advice from some college coaches in the area. tom is live in houston tonight with more.
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tom? >> iain, jay wright led the wildcats to a closed practice today. tomorrow it is open to the median fans here in houston. you're right. he took the wildcats in 2009 to the final four in detroit. lost in the national semi finals to north carolina. he has vowed he has learn from this mistakes and he reminds the cats every day why they're here. >> it's trying to keep them focused on basketball. keep them focused on being humble. keep them focused on reality. >> advice for jay wright today from a couple of area coaches who know a thing or two about winning. inn clueing philadelphia university's herb in a guy. >> make more shots than the other team and defend your rear ends off. i think the best piece of advice he doesn't need anything from me but the best piece of advice would be just focus on the game and get your team away from all this hub-bub as much as you can. get themes concluded and get them concentrating but he doesn't seem to have problem with that. >> pat chambers was an assistant coach on the villanova team that went to the final 47 years ago.
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>> i just told him to end coy joy this journey. enjoy this process. it's been a little time since the last time he came to the final four. just relax, have fun with it. keep doing what you're doing. don't change a thing. and don't get distracted by outside, you know, criticisms or judgments. do what you know -- you know how to do things, just do that and do it well. >> reporter: love herb magee in that sun bite when he says eliminate the hub-bub and keep it simple guys. just make more shots. we will hear from ryan arcidiacono and josh hart on what they needed to saturday to beat oklahoma and reach the championship game on monday night. lucy. >> all about the hub-bub for the fans, tom. >> blue and white are the colors this weekend as our area roots on villanova. >> we caught up with one nova student who will play a special part in saturday's game. carly crispin a nova junior from pitman, new jersey. she plays on the women's basketball team at nova but she of course will not be be playing this weekend but she's the university's representative singing the national anthem on
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saturday night. each team playing in the final four will have a singer and each sing ago part of the star spangled banner. we caught up with carly and today before she heads to houston tomorrow. >> while i'm very excited, there is that little, um, little bubble in the back of my head remaining me there's going to be a lot of people but i just know this is an incredible opportunity and i'm very very excited. >> carly tells us her mom was a music teacher and has been her vocal coach her entire life. he's been called the best dressed man in college basketball. villanova coach jay wright always looking sharp. so what does it take to make all that happen? we talk to the man behind the style icon. >> police got some help taking down a thief in a store. that helper is now hailed a hero and his age makes this story even more amazing.
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♪ we're staying on top of breaking news for you tonight in richmond v have a. virginia state trooper and two bystanders in the hospital right now after a shooting at a bus
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terminal. police say other troopers shot and killed the gunman. authorities say the trooper's injuries are life threatening. the bystanders expected to be okay. authorities have not released any specific details about the shooting or have they not released any names either. we of course will keep you updated. >> 14-year-old boy helped police stop a shoplifter at a store in washington state. now police say they were running after the thief after he was spotted trying to steal about $800 in merchandise. that's when the teen took action tackled the guy and got him to the floor. surveillance video shows of course the officers arresting the man seconds later as you see there. 11 asked why he helped stop the thief, the high schooler says, he was just trying to be a good citizen. i believe that he is succeeded very very well. all right. back here at home mayor kenney says philadelphia's recreation center should be as good as any you find in the suburbs. >> he believes his proposed said today tax will make that happen. the mayor toured the rec center today serving the point breeze and grays ferry neighborhoods.
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the brick structure is near 90 years old and houses variety of programs from dance classes to anger management but all the years and all the use have taken their toll leaving the center in need of an overhaul. kenney says 3-cent an ounce tax on soda yield a dollars to do it. >> if you look at the profits of big soda and look at, i mean, their tack inversion policies, tack avoid dance policies you can take what they've hey sodded paying federal income tox for the last five or six years and pay for these programs three times over. >> kenyata johnson rs the area in city council. he's undecided on kenney toss ,2s soda tax. >> when the wildcats take the hardwood this weekend one thing is for sure. coach jay wright will be donning a very nice suit. wright's fashion sense has him featured in magazines before. where does he get those perfect fitting suits? right in newtown square delaware county. d and b taylors. the owner has been in the business for 50 years. coach wright put custom
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tailoring in the spotlight. >> he has brought custom tailo tailoring to a national level. more so because they see how good, you know, custom clothing, you know, how -- i always say if it fits, it flatters. i understandablely jay carries an extremely well. >> he adds coach wright comes in every single season and they work together to pick out the perfect threads. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. things have finally warmed up out there. but rain and cooler temperatures are on the way. >> chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. it was warm and windy thursday. 73 degrees was the high temperature if you like the 70s
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today, tomorrow we'll do it again. the normal for this time of year is 58 degrees much the sun will set shortly before 7:30 this evening. so as we look at ultimate doppler right now, dry and quiet across the area. a couple of light sprinkles and some showers once you move towards the harrisburg area also moving around williamsport a lot of that activity will break up before it moves in. expanding the view, however, take a look at stronger activity off to the west. a multiple severe thunderstorm warnings still on-going tornado warning right now in middle tennessee. we'll watch that activity as it continues to head in our direct. we had threat of a couple of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow but most of that severe weather threat will stay to the south. however, those southerly winds will continue to allow those temperatures well above average for tomorrow. even tonight staying pretty mile. with the cloud cover rolling in. so this system is not going to be a washout for tomorrow. just some scattered activity from time to time.
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keep the rain gear handy once again temperatures tomorrow will be right back into the 70s. speaking of 70s, 72 right now philadelphia. 72 wilmington. along with dover. 71 in reading along with allentown and watch the clock. overnight tonight it stays pretty mild. temperatures in the 60s and then by tomorrow afternoon, look at the 70s. 76 wilmington. philadelphia, wrightstown for high temperatures tomorrow. a little cooler down the shore. but the bottom line, we're still looking at some warm conditions as we start the month of april. so by midnight temperatures still in the mid to upper 60s across the area. by tomorrow morning, not a wash out. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. mild muggy a couple of spot tow showers from time to time. then by 10:00 o'clock, some steadier activity moving in from the west. and then by 1:00 o'clock, more of the same. but those temperatures climbing into the 70s. by the din are in hour, early din are in hour tomorrow, the tail end of that system moving through with a couple of showe showers. then by midnight, temperatures
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right around 60 in philadelphia. that should be our high temperature for saturday. because temperatures fall throughout your saturday across the area. a few leftover showers as well. and then saturday night into sunday, north and west, a few leftover pocks of showers even couple of snow flurries moving into the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. signaling that colder air moving in by sunday morning look at those temperatures in the 30s across the area. so how much rain are we talking by noon tomorrow? maybe a tenth of an inch in philadelphia. higher amounts once we move north and west. but the bigger deal take a look at the roller coaster ride. 70s tomorrow. temperatures dropping on saturday. 47 that's it on sunday. a few flurries north and west. roller coaster temperatures continue for the first week of april. another chance for some flurries, guys, as we move toward tuesday. >> all right. thank you scott. >> i think. howard eskin n can i have a
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drink of your perrier. >> you want to share. i'll share. via little bit of a cough though. i wasn't sure. >> i thought you were giving it to me. >> product placement. >> ville move have a first day -- on the spotlight for the final four in houston. in houston with jay wright and villanova basketball team tom srendenschek. we'll go live and tom will talk about what could be an obstacle for the wildcats coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ okay. it's two days and counting saturday the first hurdle for villanova when they play oklahoma in that first semi final game. but it's more than just oklahoma that a team has to overcome in houston tom srendenschek is live, live, you're live, tom, right? with the wildcats in houston. >> i'm only kidding. >> i am live for you howard. glad to play the basketball game inside right now 90 degrees. how about 90 degrees in houston right now. jay wright will use that cliche one game at a time and here's another one for you. he has the wildcats in the final four by creating his family atmosphere. >> you try to take as much time meeting as a team eating together as a team. spenting time as team and learning to get back to humility and hungry. >> so is it kind of important in the humidity of houston to be a sponge and soak all of this in?
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>> i'm going to try not to. obviously, main time when you get out there you see, you know, all the banners and all the people, um, you know the court is elevate elevated it's like yp there on the stage kind of thi thing. so it might hit us a little bit. hopefully not too much to see all these photos and to be out on the floor it kind of hit you, all right, we have a game to play. we can't just get caught up in all of this -- nice things surrounding us. to be on that floor and go out and that take it. >> that's good job of measuring by arch and now were good piece of advice. >> more about taking care of business back at villanova first and for most. when you get here don't i don't have do it. let them enjoy the process. try to copy them away from all the social media stuff because you can get intoxicated by that. >> reporter: howard i knew you'd love the social media stuff from pat chambers.
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here's the fine line you remember 1981 when the eagles were in the super bowl against the raiders. dick vermeil had the eagles cloistered they played that way that sunday. the raiders were out on bourbon street played loose and won the football game the coach has to be a psychologist how much room he he gives these guys to go out. >> i was with the raiders on bourbon street in 1981. i wanted to have fun. >> shocking. >> i know. shredder shocked about that revelation. >> be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10. one team changed the lives of -- she walks up to the table in a evident are aunt and puts down a napkin the message she on that napkin one cop will never forg forget. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10. you have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> ghost photo murder mystery. a mom in grief. the touching ghost photos of her little girl gone too soon. >> now the shocking twist. was it murder? >> she used my work to make people think that she is innocent. >> then, huge donald trump blow- back. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman. >> yeah. >> to punish a woman is beyond comprehension. >> call out donald trump. the outrage should be forth coming. >> and trump and the miss usa contestant. their encounter 11 years ago. >> i remember that. >> how life has turned for miss congeniality. >> the prognosis for me is not good. an


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